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Real Estate Data for Your Site

Our technology turns member sites into mini real estate portals by offering fresh and provocative real estate content to keep people coming back. We work with partners on a revenue share basis – there’s absolutely no setup charge and we share the revenue that your site generates. It really is as simple as that. Typically we work on a simple 25/75 revenue share basis whereby you receive 25% of all revenue we earn from every single lead (an individual who has requested to speak with an agent) made by your clients.

Please contact us on to obtain your API credentials

Template system documentation

A fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system. it provides a separation between presentation code and application logic which makes working with your project easier. With our templating system you can build your real estate website/portal without any programming skill, just HTML/CSS/Javascipt knowledge is requiered.
Click here for the complete documentation
Click here for the complete list of template system tags

Api documentation

We provides API access to our assets. You can build a comprehensive Real Estate website with MLS integration in a matter of a few hours. The API can be utilized in Mobile apps such as iPhone or android as well as on the web.
Click here for the complete documentation

Import/Export database documentation

Find here the specifications to export your real estate database in our framework. You can also download our database in Xml format directly from our FTP server and integrate all our listings in your website!
Click here for the complete documentation

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